Step 1:


loosen and level soil by using a garden rake and/or  professional grading equipment. Then remove stones, rocks and all foreign debris

Step 2:


measure all areas (Width X Length) where sod will be installed. FYI.. Do not Forget to add 2% to 5% for waste or you may be short of materials for your project


                                                                                 Step 3:

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Step 4:


Start by laying Sod along sidewalks and driveways, .This will create a straight and square starting point. next, pull sod together as diagram to the right shows using a puzzle like grid when installing. This will ensure mending of pieces when growing in.  Note: sometimes it is necessary to overlap sod. When laying around mulch beds, trees, etc. this is OK. Use a spade shovel to cut and remove the overlapping sod. Finally, every piece will not be completely square in this case, it may be required to fill in the holes. Do this by using small pieces of sod  (aka patching) to fill in the areas. (remember to not overlap any other sod.)

 Step 5:


After all sod is pulled in and patched in. Use a lawn roller to remove air pockets and mend sod to existing soil. ( Lawn rollers are available for rental at your local  home improvement stores.)


We hope that this DIY sod installation instructions has helped.

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Step 6:


watering is an important step. water immediately after installation..(DO NOT RELY ON THE WEATHER)

Tip: After watering with sprinkler for 30 minute in an area. look under a piece of sod. If the original soil of the project is wet then you have watered that areas enough. It is now time to move sprinklers to another area and continue to water until all sodded areas have been watered completely.